Branded Brushes

  • Ultimate Cleat Brush

    Ultimate Cleat Brush

    Original Price $ 11.99
    Current Price $ 2.99

    The Ultimate Cleat Brush is the only tool designed with three sets of bristles that simultaneously clean the top of the cleat and under the cleat l...

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  • Dual Brush™

    Dual Brush™

    $ 5.99

    The new Champ Dual Brush™ has a comfortable grip that keeps your hands clear of cleats and dirt. The zip line pulls out 23” for ease of use and con...

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  • ProSoft Brush

    ProSoft Brush

    $ 6.99

    The Softspikes ProSoft Brush has dual durometer bristles for cleaning clubs and spikes, an extra-long contoured handle for easy grip, and clips to ...

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