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Why use personalized golf tees?
Personalized golf tees make very unique and inexpensive personalized golf gifts and promotional items. You can print up to 3 lines of personalization or a 1 color logo on your personalized tees for no additional cost. It's a known fact that people, businesses, events and organizations love to see their name in print. The many styles, colors and printing options that we offer give you enormous flexibility in choosing a product that will fit you to a tee!

What are my product options for personalized golf tees?
Far and away the most popular option is still traditional wood. Name It Golf's wooden tees are made from a rich birch wood that yields the highest quality wood tees you can find at prices that can't be beat!

Zero Friction and Pride Evolution both offer high performance non wood plastic composite tees. Although these are more expensive than wood tees, they also are far more durable enabling your personalized message to live on for much longer.

What is your most popular size for custom printed tees?
This has changed a lot over the years. By far the most ordered personalized golf tees today are 2 & 3/4" long. Golfers tee off with clubs called "Drivers" that have grown in size in recent years. This has necessitated a longer tee to ensure that the ball is far enough off of the ground so the golfer can hit it in the "sweet spot." The former standard 2 & 1/8" tee is simply too short for most Drivers however, the 2 & 1/8" tee is still popular for teeing off on shorter golf holes such as Par 3's. The 3 &1/4" tee is beloved by many golfers who enjoy the flexibility to tee their ball even higher than the 2 & 3/4" tee allows.

How many golf tee colors do you offer?
There are 21 color options available for your personalized golf tees. White and natural color tees have been the most traditional and remain today top choices. The hottest growth in golf tee colors has been in the brightly colored tee arena; Citrus Pink, Citrus Green &, Citrus Orange. These Citrus named tees are bright in color, almost neon-like. Your personalized message really stands out on these fun colors plus they're difficult to lose. Black, red, and green are also very popular color choices.

What color ink can be printed on tees?
There are 18 standard print color options available. Sometimes we can match PMS colors for a small surcharge. You will get the best result if you select a dark color ink such as black on a lightly colored tee such as white. Vice versa, white turns out to be the best color option for a black colored golf tee.

What packaging options are offered for personalized golf tees?
Most choose to order their custom printed tees in bulk because it's still the most economic way to go. Tournament & event organizers love to order Golf Tee Combo Packs where they have the option of combining 5 or 10 printed tees with printed ball markers and or a personalized divot tool.

What do most people buy personalized for?
Gift giving is still a top favorite. Many businesses also love to use them as a way of supporting an organizational outing yet getting some inexpensive advertising out of the proposition. Some of the more popular events personalized tees are ordered for are Father's Day, Mother's Day, Retirements, Birthdays, Christmas, Golf Tournaments, Trade Shows and more.

Why should I buy my custom printed tees from
Great question! There is huge variance in the golf tee industry in both product and printing qualities. Unfortunately, a buyer shopping online has no way of knowing what level of quality they will be getting. printed tees are printed on superior quality raw materials on state of the art expensive machinery that many companies do not even have access to. is owned by Name It Golf, Inc. and collectively we've been the largest online seller of personalized golf tees for well over a decade. Couple that with our unmatched Graphic Arts department and customer service bring our thousands of customers returning year after year. Lastly, more than 50 PGA Touring Pros have been on our staff and have played our personalized golf tees in competition. We're particularly proud that Allen Doyle won 2 US Senior Opens playing our personalized tees while wearing our logo on his shirt!

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