Welcome to GolfTees.com, the largest online seller of golf tees & accessories. Here you'll find the World's Largest Assortment of Golf Tees! We have all colors,materials,lengths, of the most popular golf tee brands on the planet! No one sells more personalized golf tees online. There's never a set-up or plate fee for printing on tees and we guarantee the lowest prices in the industry. Our full-service Graphics Dept. is the best in the industry. Whether you are a golf course looking to buy in bulk, or perhaps a consumer looking for the very popular Martini golf tees, we're your one stop tee shop!
wooden golf tees wholesale bulk golf tees personalized golf tees
Wooden Golf Tees in
50 Count Bags

Quality wooden tees in a
variety of colors & sizes.
Wholesale Golf Tees for Golf Courses & Retailers
Bulk, imprinted, specialty,
& retail packs.
Personalized &
Logo Golf Tees

Variety of colors & sizes.
Superior tee & print quality!
logo golf ball special
Zero Friction Golf Tees
Zero Friction
High Performance 3 & 4 Prong Golf Tees
Martini golf tees
Martini Golf Tees
Wildly popular tees shaped like Martini glasses
golf tee combo packs
Combo Packs
Bags with tees, markers & divot tools
Brush-T golf tees
The original Brush-T
as seen on TV!
Pride PTS Tees
Pride PTS
Available in 4 sizes.
Color coded by height
4 Yards More Tees
4 Yards More
Proven distance in robotic & field tests
Kiwi Firecracker Golf Tees
Distance Dagger Golf Tees
The only tee that cuts resistance 3 ways
leading to a higher launch angle & longer drives.
Strong & Long.
Add some fire power to your game!
Champ FLYtee
Champ FLYtee

6 prong plastic tees in a variety of colors & sizes
Champ Flytee Pro

6 prong tees with soft material heads
Stinger Golf Tees
High quality, small cup
skinny golf tees
Koviss Spring golf tees
Spring loaded &
TefTee Teflon Tees
TefTee Teflon Coated Golf Tees
Add yards to your game with
Teflon coated golf tees. Available in 2 sizes.
The Turn Golf Tee
The Turn - Height Adjustable Tees
Set your height consistently
with the innovative Turn Tee.
A-Balance Tees
Innovative, durable &
low resistance
Evolution golf tees
Low resistance
strong plastic tees
Designed for your
Titanium Driver
Tomahawx golf tees
Revolutionary & unbreakable
Pride Offset Tees
Pride Offset
Angled tees designed for optimal launch angle
Fancy Golf Tees
Fancy Tees
Colorful Italian &
stylish plastic tees
TIPS golf Tees
Flexible rubber,
long lasting tees
Built in stops for
accurate height setting
XT-1 Tees
XT-1 Tees
Aerodynamically designed golf tees
Super Air Tees
Super Air Tees
It's like hitting your golf ball off of air
Rocket Golf Tees
Rocket Tees
Space-age technology for longer ball flight
Step Golf Tees
Step Golf Tees
Set the same tee height
every time
velocitee golf tees
SmarTee Golf Tees
Eco Golf Tees
Bevel shape tipped
plastic golf tees
The golf tee that
doubles as a divot tool
Eco Golf Tees
Enivironmentally friendly golf tees with Reduced Resistance Technology
Royal Golf Tees
Royal Tees

Rubber fixed height
golf tees
Simarki Golf Tees
Colorful & strong
in 2 styles
Perfect Teez
Color coded for your favorite height
Launcher Tees
Launcher Tees
Blast off with these durable golf tees
Twistee Golf Tees
PROTEE Shiny Tees
Twist-Tee Adjustable Golf Tees
Durable golf tees that lengthen or shorten
with a simple twist. Available in 2 sizes.
ProTee Metallic Looking Golf Tees
Fun & Stylish. Safe & durable to play with!
Available in 2 cool finishes. Shiny or Satin.

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